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Generation Gaps

He did not understand dreams.
He liked numbers, logic, money.
He had made a life for himself
And wanted me to do the same.
Go to work in the company, make money,
Invest it well, make more, he said.
Be respectful on the surface,
Make connections, minimize bad press,
Push and pull, swindle if you need to.
Don’t ruin your name, our family name.

He doesn’t talk to me any more – about dreams or anything.
I did not understand numbers, logic or the rage for riches.
I had put myself in exile
And I didn’t want my son to do the same.
Go out in the world, experience things,
Take some risks, experience more, I said.
Look deeper than the surface,
Make friends, accept your faults,
Laugh and cry, listen to your heart – you need to.
Don’t worry about your name; you’ll make your own.

He is still figuring out his dreams
Between numbers, logic and the prospect of wealth.
He was still in school
And we’d told him different things:
Go work in the company, make money,
Take some risks, experience more,.
Be respectful on the surface,
Make friends, minimize bad press,
Push and pull, listen to your heart – you need to.
Then choose your name.

La Niña

“La niña pobrecita,”
I hear,
“Mi niña,”
She calls,
But her voice;
It is straining.
Farther and
Father away.
Cannot call
Me that.
I can never be
“Frau” or
My Spanish,
A hairlength
Better than
My German.
To Madame,
I am
“Ma petite.”
To Mademoiselle,
I am
“Ma cherie.”
But who,
Who will
Call me
“La niña”

AP French Composition

Its five o’clock in the morning
and my blood pressure must be soaring.
To a girl of seventeen
how could Madame be so mean?
A composition due tomorrow
and all I have is sorrow.
The page, now, is bare
for I have not a care.
This prompt confounds me:
a letter to one vieux ami.
The length of the page
puts me in a daze.
Prepositions, idioms, irregular verbs,
I do hope there’s a five point curve.
Oh, the woes of AP French
On such a gentle wench.

Sophia is thrilled to once again be apart of PPL’s poetry podcast! Her poetry has been included in Villa Victoria Academy’s Inscape, Creative Communications’ A Celebration of Young Poets, West-Windsor Plainsboro High School South’s Echoes and The Arts Council of Princeton’s UNDERage. She is a member of the Burlington County Poets and has written articles for Last spring, she participated in the library’s Voices and the Princeton Shakespeare Festival, and self-published a short story, Lilac and Gold, in conjunction with a charity, A Leg To Stand On. A member of National Honors Society, she is Assistant Arts Editor of her school paper, head of stage crew for this year’s school productions and a French teaching assistant. She will be graduating from West Windsor-Plainsboro High School this June and currently resides in Princeton.


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