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April 6, 2008 at 2:47 pm (Uncategorized) ()

Beyond The Grave

He, a reluctant ghost
Beneath the sod of England’s coast
Refused to haunt those still above
Out of fear or out of love
It mattered not
He stayed within his chosen plot
A principled man of him was said
And that he stayed ‘though he was dead
A stone was placed above his head
And at his feet a flower pot
Filled with plastic roses red

On holidays his widow came
To wipe the stone and clean the same
Upon his grave she’d lie and rest
Still thinking him the very best
Of men she’d ever known
‘Thou he was only hair and bone
It matter not
She lay upon his chosen plot
And cried his name aloud
Tears falling as if from a cloud
She rose but with her head still bowed
Whispered, I forget thee not
‘Tis what they both had vowed

Worn Out Wizard

He dialed her number
Demanded to know
Why she hadn’t contacted him
And listened to dead air
As she turned off her phone

He left messages
Implying he would hurt himself
Forever the abuser
Threatening violence
Lying even as he did so
“You said you would always be there for me
No matter what”
He spoke to her voice mail

They had agreed
No lying
No violence
No cheating
And to cherish
He hadn’t followed through
All deals were off

He missed her for some reason
Having listened to his many complaints
She wondered why

She missed having hope he would care
She missed looking forward to his false promises
But she didn’t miss him
He hadn’t been real with her
There wasn’t anything to miss

A bully
An enchanter
A tired magician with an old hat and a missing rabbit

The Stalking Beast

I don’t know why so many have called the beast green
I see it as a dingy grey-brown
It’s odor bothers me a lot more than it’s color
The stink is putrid
The kind of thing that makes you want to pinch your nose
Rather than endure it
The beast has come at me all of my life
In one form after another
Male and female
Young and old
Doing it’s best to convince me I am as ugly as it is
Or at least smell as badly
It plays the wolf to my Red Riding Hood
The spider to my fly
Always looking for some way to trip me up
I’ve been told to take its attention as a compliment,
And I would
But the stench
That wretched ugly stench
Leaves me gagging and longing to breathe fresh air
I wish I could learn to laugh as I used to do
When someone made a stink bomb in high school
But that was merely the rotten egg smell of sulfur
And this is the smell of a rotted soul
Jealousy, the grey brown stinking beast
Lurking in the shadows at every turn

A native of Western, Massachusetts, Beth NoLastName moved to New Jersey in 2000, living first in Lawrenceville before moving to Trenton. Her first book of poetry Defiance is due to be published in April. Ms. NoLastName ran Classic’s Writer’s Workshop at Classics Bookstore in Trenton, and participates regularly at local poetry readings. Her MySpace website Gangsta Grandma is named after one of her poems.



  1. Ethan Fein said,

    Hey Beth,

  2. Ernest Bywater said,

    All three are very evocative and I find the last two extremely true as they lay bare certain aspects of life, even if a bit dark for me. But Beyond the Grave is a priceless gem of beauty.

  3. Claire Willington said,

    YOU are brilliant. It is your style that entices me to continue to read
    your poetry. Dear Ernest gave me your web page.

    I too am from Massachusetts and my husband and I lived in
    Monmouth County, N.J. for most of our married life.
    Ten minutes from the Jersey Shore; the kids loved it.

    Let me share why I adore your poetry. My husband died in January.
    Your subject is one which we all face. Death may seem dark.
    Actually it is. As a believer I don’t fear death.

    He stayed within his chosen plot
    A principled man of him was said
    And that he stayed ‘though he was dead
    A stone was placed above his head

    Amazing perception. Thanks for your words.
    Dark to some a reality to my life.
    The light shines bright as I take each day at a time

    Now I am facing breast cancer. But that’s okay.
    It’s not an aggressive cancer and have a super surgeon
    and my plastic surgeon will work with him and take up where
    he left off. Both procedures done at the same time.
    Amazing how things have changed.

    I am confident I shall survive as I have plans to move to England
    to be with my family. My mother’s family. We’ve been emailing for
    5 years and now it is a reality.

    And I’ve gone on and on.
    Claire or Bette Bates.
    Ernest knows me as Bette

  4. Adrian said,

    Beth you are great and I love you and your work. I can’t wait until this is actually published. Best of luck with everything you do. I KNOW that you will be published and become successful. You deserve it babe.

  5. AMIE said,

    Beth great work as usual. I know one day with the good Lord guides you to some of your work printed. I am so very proud of your work and look forward to seeing more and more online and pulished.

  6. Dolores I. Sammartino said,

    Well Dear Beth your talent is very apparent. The day will come when you will touch many people and I will always say, there goes
    “ONE HECK OF A TALENT AND A WONDERFUL LADY.” We share so many laughs. You are special.
    God Bless You my friend.

  7. Ruben said,

    great work as usual!

  8. Pat Hardigree said,

    Great work, Beth. I especially like “Beyond the Grave.”

  9. Wolfman Art said,

    Very unique and individual presentations that reflect many aspects and possibilities. Painting a vivid picture of perceptions and life experiences done in a way I have never experienced before. Truly individual and what real poetry is about in my book. Many get carried away with the embelishment of words in poetry or writting but it is the message and the statement. You do this well indeed. Never stop writting in any form.


  10. Romeo said,

    You are a shining star. I’m in love with your work.

  11. Kathy Wallace said,


    I am so happy to see you are able to let your soul still soar. You are able to dream the World and imagine the Universe. I wish I were more like you.

    I love you,

  12. Gerald said,

    this is a great wok of art.My dear,you are really talented:)

  13. Jodie said,

    Lovely — both the poems and the reading. (PS — you know me from OKC)

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