Wendy Ekua Quansah

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I am 99.9% Positive

T-cell was a warrior
He fought off germs and diseases,
That infected the smallest components,
Immersed within the most minuscule vein
That once pumped stamina to his immaculate heart.
But his persistence was raped by the finest, sexually passionate
Needle of a parasite,
Who sucked life from an unknowledgeable spirit,
When he popped the rotten cherry with naked lips, that now
Craves admittance for weight loss, fevers and tiredness.
T-cell once flawless of deceitful falsification of intimacy,
Walks in man made puddles of fear, anger and depression.
His body, the temple of God, has now been scarred with the realization,
That he is now another number affixed to the germinate epidemic,
That can be prevented by abstaining from unwarranted exercise, of
Our inner thighs and our fruitless mouths, because there is no vaccine to
Rehabilitate the inevitable cause of death due to HIV.
60 seconds retains your future.
Open the door and secure your future,
With one shot that holds knowledge.
People ask me if I am sure.

I am 99.9% positive.

New Seed

The rusted bars he has befriended.
The rock floor he lays his head.
Death wakes him up and puts him to bed.
The streets he’s known all his life.
Gun shots, stab wounds with a razor blade knife.
Rape, theft, burglary.
Money, cash, hoes,
All his eyes can see.
Next step, six feet underground.
Eyes closed, motionless – Shhh! Not a sound.
Second chance at correction,
I put a book in his hand here is your first lesson.
His mind convulsed.
Life flashes before his eyes.
No heart beat.
No pulse.
Incredulously, he opens the book and reads,
“Don’t take life and what it offers for granted.”
Water drips from his face,
A new seed been planted.

Praise Him(inspired by Mr. Laud Anderson)

They praise him as if he fed five thousand with
five loaves of bread and two fish.
They priase him as though he healed the boy with the demon, and
praise him as if he predicted the death of a man, then later
revealed that on the third day, that that same man will be raised to life.

They praise him as if he touched two blind men
and revived their sight.
They praise him as if he predicted Peter’s denial and
praise him as if he healed a man with leprosy.

Yes, his smile brings warmth to my body,
diminishing goose bumps that I acquire when he
winks at me.
And yes, I purposely walk the long way to class, just so I can obtain a
meager waft of his Armani cologne.
And yes, I droll a bit sitting behind him in math class, because the back of his
head is just as sexy as the front.

So yes its feasible the praise him because the terminology his name possesses
mandates praise and glory.
but, although he envisions life as a child of God
he does and will not retain the
entitlement only one identity subsumes.

But until the day he has the capability
to be killed and ressurrected from the dead,
I will solely laud God.

Poet’s Statement:

My name is Wendy Ekua Quansah. I once used to hide feelings under the palm of my hand, when I finally realized I could express occurences and my apprehensions of life through poetry. My poems are written to express, inspire and most importantly educate. All my poems are inspired by true life stories, occurences or individuals.Through my poetry you can better understand who I am as a person. Please visit my newest project located at YuShape.com. Thank you.


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